Zeta Xi

University of Alabama Birmingham

Delta Gamma


Mira Walker


“I am so lucky to get to serve as chapter President for Zeta Xi. Coming into college, I never thought I would even be part of a sorority, much less the President. However, over the past years the women I found through Delta Gamma have become some of the most important people in my life, and I wanted to give back to this organization in any way that I could. I love this position because I get to represent our chapter to the community, and everyday I see firsthand the importance of empowering women and having a strong support system for women. I also love being able to work with such a hard working group of officers to make our chapter the best that it can be in all aspects, and help all of the women in our chapter to develop their leadership skills and reach their full potential.”

Hannah Braudaway

VP: Social Standards

"I am vp Social Standards which is the chair of our honor board. Honor board is the heart of the chapter so my job is to make it a comfortable environment that holds our members accountable. I also get to work with directors to plan formals and mixers. I love my position because it allows me to help and encourage our members in as many ways as possible!"

Elle Silver

VP: Finance

"I am honored to be the Zeta Xi chapter’s VP Finance. Through this position I am able to create a working budget for our chapter and ensure all bills are paid on time! It is a privilege getting to work alongside each member and help them through different life circumstances. "

Anna Parker

VP: Communications

"I love my position in Delta Gamma because I oversee several aspects of our chapter. This position allows me to be on our chapter management team and work closely with other officers. I get to write monthly newsletters to our friends and family, help plan PR events, encourage participation, and oversee social media accounts. This position entails a mix of creativity and organization. I could not do any of this without the help of my amazing directors!!"

Jordan Pearson

VP: Member Education

"My name is Jordan Pearson & I am Vice President: Member Education. With this position I have the opportunity to work with active members and new members to help them achieve their goals. My team and I encourage the chapter in academia, DG rituals, and during the transition from new membership through initiation. I absolutely love my position and the ability to serve the chapter that is so special to me. Through Delta Gamma I am continually shaped into a better woman because of the ladies I am accompanied by."

Kayla Holcombe

VP: Membership

"As VP Membership, I lead a team in planning recruitment for Delta Gamma. Our recruitment team excitedly works all year leading up to recruitment. Recruitment is an exciting event for Delta Gamma because we are able to see our chapter’s future in each new member we gain. I wanted to become VP Membership for DG because of this. While it may be a lot of work, seeing all the new members run to you on Bid Day is the greatest reward!"

Megan Nguyen

VP: Foundation

My job consists of spreading awareness and helping in our Foundation, Service for Sight. Service for Sight helps with visually impaired, the elderly, and veterans. I plan events to help them, like preparing the Easter Eggs for the blind and deaf children or volunteering at nursing homes. I also plan and run lots of fundraisers events to donate to Service for Sight. The main event is Anchor Splash, which is a water competition with Greek life! My passion is to help others. I choose this position because I love helping others, even if it means sacrificing my own time."

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